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Florida Unemployment Appeals aka Reemployment Assistance Appeals

You get ONE SHOT to win your appeal! Your first hearing with a Reemployment Assistance Referee is Critical. You must win! Although you are allowed to appeal a referee's decision, the second appeal can be expensive, and decisions very rarely get reversed the second time around because the rules are different.

Law Offices of Don McManus has handled tons of Reemployment Assistance Appeals (up to 3 in the same day). If you are an Employee or Employer who is involved in an Unemployment Appeal, we can help.

Law Offices of Don McManus has access to research, appeal decisions, and other information that you can't find by searching the internet. We know the process, we know what matters to the referee (and what doesn't matter), and we know how to WIN!

Warning - The information that you include on your Online Appeals Form can be used against you at the hearing! Please call us to arrange representation Before you file your appeal.

We offer discounts for Unemployment Hearings. Call 407-505-5888.

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